“Thank you TechElectric, your ability to help us expand and maximize our production facility resulted in a highly successful year. Your expertise allows us to focus on what we do best, make great wine.”

-- Paul Pender, Tawse Winery

Can a Car Alarm be Used to Notify Machine Operators?

There are plenty of automation suppliers that sell electrical devices to notify to machine operators of faults. Many are broadcast by audible alarm, SMS or email messaging. All require advanced communication integration into automation systems that use the Internet. These can...

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5 Things to Ensure You’ll Save Time and Money in an Emergency Industrial Machinery Breakdown

You can usually recover quickly when faced with machinery failure by being prepared. Being as clear and concise as possible when communicating details of your issue will help your electrician locate and troubleshoot the problem so that you can get back to full production...

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Using Ultrasonic Sensors to Detect Bottle Fill Levels

Ultrasonic sensors produce a sound wave which reflects off of any surface in its path, identifying if there is a product present or not and indicating its distance from the sensor. There are many types of sensors available with different sensing styles and ranges for different...

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Machinery Processing equipment: 8 Services We Know a lot About and When to Co-partner

At TechElectric Automation Inc. we understand a broad scope of services that integrate with electrical automation design. We understand the basics of other related trades and but mostly we know when to bring them to the table...

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The Importance of Follow up Visits on Automation and Electrical Projects - What Went Well and How Things Could be Improved

We encourage our customers to have nearby within the plant facility all info regarding their automation machinery. Our automation and lighting projects are reviewed to enhance further work, ease of future projects and best practices are communicated...

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ESA or CSA equipment installation

All machinery and all electrical wiring utilized in Ontario require ESA inspection upon installation. ESA stands for Electrical Safety Authority. ESA are the regulators of safe practices of electrical installations in Ontario. They will identify equipment is...

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