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-- Paul Pender, Tawse Winery

Can a Car Alarm be Used to Notify Machine Operators?

Can a simple everyday use car alarm be integrated with machinery? Yes.

There are plenty of automation suppliers that sell electrical devices to notify machine operators of faults. Many are broadcast by audible alarm, SMS or email messaging. All require advanced communication integration into automation systems that use the Internet. These can be costly in terms of money, time and training.

Our Story: Something simpler? At TechElectric Automation Inc. our customer needed to be alerted when their machine stopped. By utilizing a close proximity car alarm we were able to outfit the operator with a key fob that would vibrate. When the operator of the machine heard the car alarm sound/vibrate they returned to the machine to diagnose the problem. Our customer saved money by reducing monthly service charges for pagers and/or Internet use.

We are an automation company with customers that expect advanced and integrative devices. This solution can easily be used in many other situations where an operator requires constant feedback from factory equipment. Through our lengthy experience in the automation industry, we are able to find methods for repurposing existing technologies in order to save our customers’ time and money. Our primary aim is to seek out best solutions for our customer, not what we can upsell.

    Tips for Planning Your Electrical Automation System:
  • Explain clearly what you want for the end result.
  • Ask questions like “Is there a cheaper way to do this?” “Does it need to be integrative/advanced?”
  • Try a simple solution first; it might be just what you need.
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